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Day 1&2 - Travel to Nepal

We departed West Palm Beach (PBI) at 6:20AM on JetBlue to New York (JFK). The 2.5 hour flight was the shortest leg of our trip. From JFK, we boarded an Emirat
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Day 4 - Welcome to Kabilash

They had a parade in our honor - but I'll get to that in a minute. We slept like a rock. Then, we were awake and downstairs by 7AM for breakfast in the hotel.
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Day 3 - Exploring Kathmandu

After a good night’s rest, we met downstairs for breakfast at one of the tables in the courtyard. We each tried something different. Rick tried the Potato C
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Day 5 - Starting the Water Project

When people think of Nepal they think “Mt. Everest” and they think “cold”. What many people don't realize is that Nepal is at the same latitude as Flor
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